The Super Giveaway Event Statistics

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Old player, New player whoever! everyone have an equal and fair chance to win! just play and collect the cards dropping from all monsters

The Rewards

  1. 1x Playstation 4 + Farcry 5 Game (Collect 6 card to be eligible)
  2. 1x 100 Euro worth Prepaid Card for Steam/Playstation Network or Xbox (Collect 5 card to be eligible)
  3. 1x 100 Euros worth in-game set of donor items (Collect 3 card to be eligible)

Until then, for more information about the giveaway please check

The list of latest 20 players who turned in their cards!

Total players who collected 3 cards: 855
Total players who collected 5 cards: 233
Total players who collected 6 cards: 40
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