New Version Released Android APP

posted on 03-10-2018 by Syphon

" Hi Revival lovers, These are the bugs that are currently fix for the android app. Please report more bugs/suggestions so that we can fix them faster! 1 : Cash shopissue ( Fixed ) 2 :homun issue ( Fixed ) 3 : Shortcut..."

Returning Donors Compensation

posted on 03-09-2018 by Asteria

" Hello everyone! We are glad to announce that after much deliberation and consideration, we will be providing a second (and permanent) round of compensations for old donors. The compensation will mainly focus on starter items that..."

WoE Schedule

posted on 02-28-2018 by KittyBoy

" Greetings RevivalRO Adventures, First, we apologize for the delay on announcing WoE.However, we wanted to take sometime thinking about this schedule (which is the older War of Emperium times from RebirthRO). 1- WoE First..."

[Valentine's Exchanger] Valentina

posted on 02-28-2018 by Gem

" Hello Loki, I'm excited to report[NPC] Valentina is coming to Loki! This NPC will exchange your duplicate Valentine's Event items for new or older headgears alike. That's right,for a limited time (2 weeks from today)you'll..."

[Testing] War of Emperium

posted on 02-22-2018 by Gem

" Hello Loki, I have some great news to report! We'll be holding a test War of Emperium this coming Sunday. Two castles in Prontera will be open and WoE times will be as followed UTC +8, 9-11 PM. We are using this test to both..."

#1 / tis little bic
#2 / AJNIN
#3 / Latias
#4 / Sub Rosa
#5 / Loner

#1 / R E J E C T E D (Loki)
#2 / Imperial Order (Thor)
#3 / No Main Set
#4 / Wanda Maximoff (Loki)
#5 / 4685 (Thor)


Old Limited Premium Items

posted on 03-16-2018 by Silver

" Hi I'm returning to RRO after seeing that Ancy is gone (hated that guy also the reason I quit) I was wondering are the old limited premium items going to be obtainable again with the new server or are they just lost to time? "

Donor Compensation for Late comers

posted on 03-11-2018 by ox Winter xo

" Hi there, I just got to know about the server splitting issues and i wish to come back but the problem is the compensation has over. My friend is the one who asked me to come back.. I hope we can get the same compensation as the..."

Donor Compensation Plan

posted on 03-10-2018 by Web Dev

" I Just want to ask if there's a news for another compensation for donor level . I received an email last March 6,2018 and I downloaded the RevivalRO but I found out that Compensation is done last february but I received an email on..."


posted on 03-08-2018 by Tommy

" This place would be deserted without some puns and dramas,There are peopleoverwhelming around here just to see one of this and they had to turn back and go disappointed So i had to revive this thread,This wasn't made from..."

map issue in thanatos tower

posted on 03-07-2018 by jerry antonio

" i can't play RO on the map of thanatos tower... is there an error on map or the map is not activate to make lvling and farming? "

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