[Hot Patch] 2018-07-17

posted on 07-17-2018 by KittyBoy

" Greetings Everyone, During this hot patch we've done the following Cash Shop The third and final summer sale has been released click here for more info. New seasonal items are released, click here for more..."

July Seasonal Items

posted on 07-17-2018 by KittyBoy

" Greetings everyone, The summer is still going on, and people are partying hard, and so are we. Therefore we would like to greet you with a new set of items for the summer, these items will be available until 1st of..."

[Sale] Summer Sale the third

posted on 07-16-2018 by Reveuse

" Greetings RevivalRO Adventures, Starting from 17th of July and until 24th of July 11:59PM UTC + 8, we will have summer sales, you can find the summer sales NPC in prontera at (155, 18?3).   Sale items Magic..."

[Feedback] WoE update draft

posted on 07-12-2018 by KittyBoy

" Greetings RevivalRO Adventurers, As promised, we will have a big update on WoE. This is to improve the overall gameplay and appeal. Since WoE is critical and pretty much is the most important system in RO, we will first publish..."

[Hot Patch] 2018-07-01 Playstation...

posted on 07-01-2018 by KittyBoy

" Greetings Everyone, During this maintenance we've done the following Events The playstation 4 giveaway contest has been started! for more information kindly click here to know the statistics of the event and latest..."

#1 / Zephyr
#2 / tis little bic
#3 / Mentor
#4 / No Rulez EX
#5 / Stealth Sassin

#1 / R E J E C T E D (Loki)
#2 / Imperial Order (Thor)
#3 / No Main Set
#4 / Wanda Maximoff (Loki)
#5 / 4685 (Thor)


Item for sinX

posted on 06-14-2018 by JohnWhite

" Hi there...wanna ask question...what the best item for sinX and also selection card...i had a sinX at level 175and still searching for the best item...somebody plz help me...? "

Oh, I'm sorry. Did I interrupt your...

posted on 06-11-2018 by MikeyKarp

" I've never seen that many before in this MVP room.  I giggled.     "

Europe, Canada & California Proxy...

posted on 05-27-2018 by KittyBoy

" Hello, We would like to know your feedback of gameplay changes after using our proxies, please make sure to always where you play from and which proxy do you use. Best Regards, RevivalRO Management "

Android user

posted on 05-25-2018 by Danz666

" Hy, i know it has achievement fitur, but how to use it in android? I'm open the window but no menu of achievement "

Login issue

posted on 05-24-2018 by Danz666

" Why i cant login the game a few minutes ago? N why is there nothing notification about maintenance/server down? N why developer always make me dissapointed? "

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